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Small Forces amplifies their voices with custom video storytelling tools and supports their growth with PR resources, vision strategy planning, and community building.

The cinematic storytelling and strategic guidance provided by Small Forces help our partners reach larger audiences, secure key partnerships, raise significant incremental funds, and inspire action.

Our Team

Jamie Fleischel


Senior Executive Producer

Jamie Fleischel is the Co-Founder and Senior Executive Producer of Small Forces, where he is the lead documentarian and team producer of stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Jamie has more than 15 years experience in filmmaking and producing award-winning docu-series for television, digital platforms, and content partners. A founding partner of Picture Show, a Chicago-based production company, Jamie produces and directs content pieces for a variety of clients including Basil Hayden’s Bourbon, Wahl, The Onion A.V. Club, and The Museum of Science and Industry. He began his career as a filmmaker and story teller the moment he hit the road with a band—following them throughout Europe—and documenting much of the experience with photography and video. And the moment he returned from touring, he set about learning how to edit.

Katie Prentiss Onsager


Executive Producer

Katie Prentiss Onsager is the Executive Producer of Small Forces where she oversees story development and production.

Katie also knows how to cook a whole octopus and make it delicious.  While her culinary skills with cephalopods may appear to be a talent unrelated to her professional capacity as Executive Producer, it is a good encapsulation of how she approaches her work: a constant curiosity, a willingness to take on challenges, and a sense of what is going to make a great story.

A graduate of Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, her documentaries seek the truth through a journalistic lens. She seeks to tell stories that amplify the work of individuals strengthening their communities.  She is the President of the Danny Did Young Professionals Board and is a Team Captain for the Chicago MS Walk. She is based in Chicago.

what our partners say:

As we took this step and big leap of faith toward our dream, we drew strength from knowing Small Forces had faith in us, understanding how important this was for us to make this happen.

Donna Salo
Paradise City Dragon Boat

The impact the video has had has really been long-lasting for us and we are just so appreciative.

Kristina Lowenstein
The Honeycomb Project

Would all this have happened without your video? Maybe. It’s possible. But I really doubt it.

Schuyler Schrempp
The Viola Project

The video did a really great job at showcasing the need for help, even so much so that we were able to raise money to actually purchase a building.

Charles Lee
That’s My Child

We’ve raised more money in the last month and a half than we have in the history of the organization. And it’s because we’re sharing this film. When they see it there’s such a tug at the heart. It moves people from volunteering to funding to helping us get to where we need to be.

Robert Torres
Parents for Peace and Justice

Our Small Forces story has become part of the fabric of who we are. We will use it forever.

Yesenia Gorbea
Coaching Boys into Men

Working with Small Forces was the most amazing experience. It went beyond even feeling like you were working with a warm and trusted friend. I now consider the Small Forces staff to be family.

Patty O’Machel
Educating Outside the Lines

It gave an authenticity to the work we do, because you captured us in the thick of our work at shelters, but also allowed us this professionalism that we never had before.

Marge Nykaza
Harmony, Hope and Healing