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Organization: The Viola Project

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In Shakespeare’s day, men played women characters to suit the times.

Today, women of character play whatever roles suit them. The Viola Project empowers young women of diverse backgrounds to speak their voice — as they proclaim the poetry of the Bard.

The male and female characters that Shakespeare brought to life are incredibly unique for their use of language to get what they want. Through fun summer camps and workshops focusing on Shakespeare, The Viola Project unites and empowers girls so they may use their voices to grow up to be whoever they want to be. During adolescence, young women begin the process of actively removing their voices from public discourse. In school, girls participate less, speak less, and stand up for their ideas less. It is the goal of The Viola Project to increase agency in voice in order to equip girls with the tools to advocate for their individual needs, while providing a space for girls to come together and engage in a vibrant discussion of contemporary issues facing girls and women.


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The Viola Project

Since their Small Forces story launched, their student reach increased more than 120%, notably with a diverse clientele that they’d wanted to bring into the program. They also use their Small Forces content to connect directly with funders, and have had success soliciting new grant money.

  • 6k

    Reached out to a funder to share Small Forces content, received new $6,000 grant

  • 120%

    Increased student reach by 120%, notably with a more diverse clientele