Banding Together

Organization: Bandwith

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  • Chicago, Illinois

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In an underserved neighborhood of Chicago, a music program is spreading the joy of music and building a sense of community in schools. Music nourishes the soul, and the program wants to give every child the opportunity to make music and unleash their full potential.

At Bandwith, joy never falls flat. The phenomenal program adds music to the lives and curricula of students by giving participants access to instruments they can take home and private lessons in their instrument of choice. This individual attention explores a child’s full capacity, building courage to tap into even more unrealized talents. But it’s also about the community and every week, the kids in the band rehearse in an ensemble with their “second family”. Now, the program is expanding beyond LEARN Charter School in East Garfield Park. Children all over Chicago will be able to experience the music making magic of Bandwith – and learn and grow together in harmony.


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