Molly Bourke's Journey

Organization: Misericordia

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  • Chicago, IL

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Meet Molly. Cashier, bus card holder, independent woman, boundary breaker. It’s not only these things that inspire. It’s that she accomplishes it all with Down Syndrome.

Misericordia is a community of care in the city of big shoulders. This groundbreaking non-profit maximizes the potential of people living with developmental challenges, many of whom are also physically disabled.

Misericordia believes every person, disabled or not, has the right to become a meaningful and independent member of society. So each client is engaged in a constructive combination of therapy, education, job training and recreational programs in pursuit of that all-too-human goal. By nurturing society’s most vulnerable citizens, Misericordia also serves the community of families who desire those same opportunities for their loved ones, but cannot provide them at home.

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