House of Health

Organization: Kay Lasante

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  • Port Au Prince, Haiti

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Haitians for Haitians. This is the motto that inspires the medical staff at Kay Lasante to serve their fellow Haitians by providing free health care to those who could not afford it otherwise.

The people of Haiti are fighters, but the environment can be harsh. For most Haitians, health care is not a priority, even for the sick, because it is just too expensive.  In a free clinic in Port au Prince, Haiti, a team of Haitian nurses and doctors work to bring those people the excellent health care, health education, disease prevention and community outreach they deserve.

Kay Lasante, meaning  “House of Health,” is not just a clinic. It is a home. Those who go there are treated with love, respect and dignity because they are more than patients, they are family.


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