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Organization: Curt’s Cafe

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  • Evanston, Illinois

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Curt’s Cafe provides job and life skill training to highly at-risk youth in the setting of a cozy, neighborhood cafe.

The kids come to Curt’s hungry for help, and no one is turned away. Ranging in age from 15 to 22, they’re all at-risk youth, meaning they’ve already been entangled in the judicial system or are headed that way. They come because they’re ready to turn their lives around.

At Curt’s, they’re tutored in job and life skills. Taught the values of courtesy and motivation. Mentored in food history and the importance of being on time. Inspired to empower themselves. Curt’s helps them get past shame and find pride that they lived through the bad and now it’s time for good. Here, kids realize there’s room for everyone at the table.

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Curt’s Cafe

Curt’s Cafe organized a campaign to raise enough money and support to open a second location in Highland Park, IL. The grassroots campaign centered around small group fundraising events that spotlighted the Small Forces video. After a successful campaign with more than 30 micro events, the new cafe is open.

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    $250,000 through small group fundraising to open a second location