New from The Telling Well: Small Forces Make Big Change

Hello, and welcome to Small Forces! Maybe you’re a fan of The Telling Well and have seen some of our work before. Maybe you’re just now hearing about our work to highlight the amazing work of small groups of people across the globe. Either way, we’re happy you’re here!

So, what is Small Forces?

Small Forces Make Big Change.

Here’s what we do on the business end: Small Forces provides professional media services to people and organizations taking a stand in their communities, all at no cost whatsoever to these groups. We seek out those making a big impact without major resources and manpower at their disposal – hence the name Small Forces, and the tag line Make Big Change.

Here’s what it means to you, the viewer: This is a place where you can find uplifting, moving, life-affirming content about good work that’s taking place all around you. It might not always seem this way, but we as individuals have so much power to do good in the world. We’ll regularly update the Small Forces site with new stories of common people doing uncommon things.

Maybe you’ll find a new organization to support. Maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own positive change in your community. We can promise that you’ll find every story you watch moving, uplifting, and inspirational.

Small Forces is produced by The Telling Well. We’ve been doing Small Forces-type content on The Telling Well for a while; it’s received such a great response that we decided to house it under the Small Forces umbrella to make it easier for you to find. Launched in 2015, The Telling Well’s mission is to use the power of story to inspire the best in the human spirit and promote good work in the world. You can find more great content from The Telling Well.

Once again, we can’t thank you enough for visiting Small Forces, and we hope – we know! – you’ll like what you see.

We’re so excited to introduce you to Small Forces. There are lots of ways for you to stay connected with us: